Oric And ATMOS projects

These are some projects and related files for the Oric and ATMOS computers.

Cumana Disk Interface

An annotated version of the Cumana Disk Interface schematic.

Oric/Atmos Repair Guide Hints

This document contains some hints to getting a broken Oric/ATMOS up and working.

Diagnostics ROM

For use with the above repair guide, this diagnostic ROM and simple hardware can be used to fault find and verify an Oric/ATMOS that is faulty.

Twin ROMS modification

This project details a way to fit a second 27128 EPROM/ROM into an Oric or ATMOS, allowing manual selection between V1.0 and V1.1 ROMS, or between any two compatible ROMS.

Oric ULA deconstructed V1

This project is a black-box deconstruction from the observed behaviour of the Oric ULA HCS10017

Oric ULA decapped!

Images of the Oric HCS10017 ULA

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